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Corporate Finance

Corporate finance activities are critical for all businesses, whether to expand, merge, be acquired/sold off, or make acquisitions. In addition, accurate valuation of own assets, and of potential strategic targets, or modelling potential financial scenarios are all critical to successful growth and execution of business strategy.

Erudite Finlop & Lawton has significant experience in these areas and can help on a variety of corporate finance tasks. We operate both as lead agency, and offer a number of value-added services. Some of the key corporate finance functions we offer to our clients are highlighted below.


Proper valuation of assets of buyer and seller is critical to making reasonable financial decisions. This is a pre-requisite to any kind of takeover or merger. Depreciation of assets, proper booking of inventory and liabilities, and other due diligence tasks in this regard can make a huge financial difference. Our experts handle all of these efficiently and effectively.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Once the valuation is complete, any mergers or acquisitions that move forward require a tremendous amount of financial paperwork and discovery, as part of the due diligence process and regulatory compliance thereafter. We can provide the full level of support, paperwork, analytics, and filing that may be required in order to help make a merger or acquisition go as smoothly as possible..

Financial Modeling

Accurate modelling of financial data is crucial for decision-makers in business. Financial modelling techniques are used to explore possibilities and ranges of potential to provide reasonable assurance to decision-makers. We work with client’s team to analyse variables and data to generate plausible, realistic financial models and to support decision-making, be it ongoing business planning or strategic events like mergers and acquisitions.