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Data Security

We understand the need towards data security as it comprises sensitive financial data, and access to bookkeeping systems. In this era of data breach, hackers, and more, we want to assure you that we take the privacy and protection of your company’s data very seriously. We ensure to sign-in for a non-disclosure agreements with our clients to satisfy both of our organization’s needs.

In addition, we have multiple internal controls and procedures to prevent unauthorized access or dissemination of private data. It is in our best interests to keep our clients satisfied and keeping their data safe and secure.

Some of the internal controls we utilize include:

  • Administrative/user account settings that prevent access to email, messaging, or the Internet on dedicated workstations, aside from authorized connection(s) to bookkeeping programs, ERP software, or other client systems
  • Dedicated employee workstations do not have any kind of removable media support, so data cannot be removed or compromised via thumb drive, SD card, CD/DVD, or other means
  • Printer access is restricted, and there are strict internal controls on what can be printed from customer accounts or systems, and nothing is allowed off-site
  • Security checks of workstations and employees are performed regularly
  • All data is backed up on a regular basis and synched to a server, available for viewing anytime by our clients
  • Internal IT security and malware prevention on all our systems, including regular antivirus and other anti-malware tools, network/connection monitoring, redundant firewalls, IP range exclusion, connection and port blocking controls, and more